December 30 20XX 16:49:02

The following is a fragement from an interview with Karen Passmore, founder of Viacan.




"About the events of yesterday, do you have anything to do with it?"

"I have nothing to do with it, because, why would I?"

"Well, it's your company, they're your machines, it makes sense to think you had part of it."

"I'll say it again, I have nothing to do with this, it's simply not something I would want."

"Could you elaborate on that?"

"It's just simply not what I stand for."

"I don't work with AI because it's too much of an unnecesary hassle."

"But if I did work on it, it wouldn't be even close to whatever this is."

"Because you would give them too much freedom, and with that freedom who knows what could happen to us."

"I don't know how it happened, but I do know I'm not part of it."

"The problem will be taken care of soon."