January 2 16:51:56

do you ever feel like you don ' t say enough ?

as in :

you say something but you feel like you could ' ve

said more ?

but then don ' t know what else you could have said ?

Its silly how you can run out of words
so fast
well , i ' m bored .
Me too
Got any ideas

well ,

what do you think about horoscopes ?

I think its funny actually
The idea that your date of birth affects your
personality is so silly
Yet people still go back to horoscopes or similar
& see if they fit the made-up description
& If they dont fit that description they look for
other ways of explaining who they are
They voluntarily lock themselves in boxes
because it ' s fun ! it ' s something to do .
You think its fun
well , finding ways of describing youself looks fun .

maybe they even help you knowing yourself more !

Until you are judged based on those
does it matter ?

they wouldn ' t know you the way you know yourself ,

nobody does .

But youre still putting yourself on those labels
no ones forces someone to labelling their personality

or who they are.

it ' s purely a choice they make .

whatever happens to them by using that label is

their responsability

Are we still talking about horoscopes or labels in general
it started of as just the horoscopes and then

it scalated to labels in general .

The way a conversation can escalate so quickly is
funny ?
Sure lets go with that