January 1 10:45:32

I find it funny how when the clock reaches 00:00 &
it becomes a new day it doesnt feel like a new day it
just feels like the same day but more late
Until you go to sleep & wake up it feels like
the next day even though its the same day but
the hour is changed
huh . your perception of time is changed .
You unintentionally change your way of viewing time
what ?

oh ! ( realization )

you were right !

the way we perceive time can be altered .

just not in the way you thought it could be altered , i think .

Well im out of things to say
is that even possible ?
What do you mean
is it even possible to be out of things to say ?

as far as i know , there ' s always something to say , something in

someone ' s mind .

Actually i think youre right
You never run out of things to say but you
do run out of words At least you feel like
thats the case
then , you do admit that you have something to say ?
Not really I still dont know what else to say
besides of what im already saying
Also another possibility is that you just cant think
of something to say
You could have something to say something to
talk about but you could forget it at the moment
So you feel like you have nothing to say anymore
well , then , what do you think your case would be ?

did you have something to say and forgot it or do you feel like you

don ' t have the words to talk about it ?

I couldnt have forgotten what i wanted to say
because why would i
it ' s natural to forget .

or feel like you ' ve forgotten when in reality you ' re blocked

Well its neither of those
then ? do you have something to say and cant think of any words to use ?
Words feel out of reach
All the words i need are there i just dont
know how to put them together to form a sentence
that feels right to me
If i tried to talk about what i wanted maybe the
words i used wouldnt feel correct
Id feel like i couldve made the sentences better
but wouldnt know how to make them better give them
better words
you have all the time to figure out a way to make those words feel right .
No i dont
well , i still wouldn ' t rush you to say what you want .

and if you rather not saying anything at all that ' s fine too .

Thank you
The more i think of it the more i feel like i
can explain it in the way that makes sense to me & you
& yet
I dont think i would want to talk about it
I dont know
Im out of words again
I guess it just doesnt feel right
you don ' t have to talk about it if you don ' t want to .
I dont think i ever will
and that ' s okay .
Thank you
I just
Im just afraid ill have to talk about it eventually
isn ' t everyone afraid of that ?

that somehow , eventually they ' ll have to break the silence they were

trying to keep ?

that eventually they will be forced to face their fears , with no way of

avoiding it ?

I think so
Its natural
i just want to ask .

is the thing you ' re afraid of talking about good or bad ?

Its not good i wouldnt consider it that
But i could say its bad
Its sort of neutral but its
Its sort of our own thing
Not talking about it at all is much better

that ' s okay .

though , i won ' t lie , i am curious .

but maybe not knowing is a good thing for you and i .

It is
. . .


Is that all youre going to say

i ' m out of words