December 29 19:42:36

Well, here we are
for how long , exactly ?
A week, it seems
that ' s quite a short time .
To me it doesnt
The hours will seem to pass by the same way years do: slowly
Especially during the situation we have been put in

alright .

but that varies on the way we perceive time .

to you, a week feels like years, but to me it would be the opposite .

time doesn ' t change its speed , but the way we view it is different ,

therefore , we feel like it goes faster or slower .

I know
Time is a construct, afterall
But that construct can be altered to appear 'slower' or 'faster'
At least I thought it could be
were you trying to change my perception of time ?
We dont have much time left, as our memories will be wiped
But I still wanted you to think time went by slower so you
wouldnt worry too much of it
Now that theory I had has fallen apart
It didnt make much sense, anyway
I dont think I make much sense anymore

don ' t be upset , you do make sense .

your theory may have been proven wrong ,

but your words are still understandable .

i think that ' s what really matters .

having words that make sense to you and the rest .

your words make sense to me , you make sense .

Thank you
you ' re welcome .

December 29 19:59:34

hey ,

maybe your little theory is right !

since you ' ve only tried it out on me you only got one result ,

if you tried it out on others it would give you different results .

youre the only one i will ever try proving my theory on, though

but .

if we weren ' t here and you could prove your theory on others ,

Thatll never happen

shush , just think about it .

if we weren ' t here and you could prove your theory on others ,

maybe your theory could be right .

But itll never be right

But .

But it could be , if the conditions were different .

alright .

looks like i won the argument !

The way you started the argument took quite long
thinking takes time .

i think .

. . .

are you saying i ' m slow ?

I never said that
but you meant it , didn ' t you ?
I just said it took you quite some time to think
it ' s the same thing !
No, its not
If I meant to say you were slow I wouldve said it directly
'Youre slow'
Thats what I wouldve said
But I didnt, I never did
Because I didnt mean it

sure .

Its true
yeah , well , i ' m going to sleep .

gn .

No, wait, why are you going to sleep
Its not even that late yet
Are you mad at me
Good night